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Send money cheap to Poland, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, and many other countries with our best exchange rates offers in the UK. Business customers please call for wholesale rates.

Are you an importer that pays foreign suppliers? We offer you exchange rates far better than your bank and 0% fee to save you money. Or do you export goods and invoice or receive payments in foreign currencies to your UK GBP account? We can convert your incoming payments to Pound Sterling at exchange rates far better than your bank at no fee. Even if you have currency accounts with your UK bank, we can still give you better value for your money whenever you need to convert your currencies to your GBP account.

We currently deal in over 50 currencies and make money transfer and international payments to over 100 countries. You can use our online service to make foreign bill payments, wire or transfer money to United States (USA), Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Israel, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Finland, Spain, France, Netherland, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Estonia, Romania, Iceland, Malta, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Portugal, Cyprus, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, China, United Arab Emirates, India, Oman, Kenya, East Caribbean, Swaziland, Turkey, Lithuania, Lesotho, Thailand, Mexico, Botswana, Croatia, Bahrain, Jamaica, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritius, and Zambia to mention a few. The countries listed in our exchange rate checker are the most popular destinations. If your destination is not listed, or you wish to transfer money to a country in a currency different from the national currency of that country, please contact us.

The exchange rates displayed by the rate checker on this website are our guaranteed rates for retail remittances. Businesses paying suppliers overseas for amounts over 10,000 should call for a quote as we can offer better rates to you.

We offer 0% commission to most destinations on wire payment for amounts over 10,000 equivalent for most USD and Euro payments. 

Please note that our service model for international payments is bank account to bank account. Please DO NOT make cash deposit into any of our accounts.

For wire payments, please supply a valid SWIFTBIC (Beneficiary's Bank SWIFT ID) and account number (or IBAN for remittance to EU/EEA countries). You can use our IBAN Checker link to validate your beneficiary's bank account details. 

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