CompareRates 18 July 2024
Compare Our Exchange Rates

When we say we will offer you exchange rates far better than your bank’s rate, we mean that to the letter. Please compare our exchange rates with some UK High Street Banks, and other currency exchange companies listed below. The rate to compare with ours is the “Bid” or “Sell” rate (i.e. how much of the other currency will £1 buy).

If you visit other websites to compare our rates, please ensure that the rates you are comparing with ours are not “notional”, "live" or "indicative" rates, as none of those companies can offer you any of these rates. Such rates are live mid-market rates, and are not meant to be used as basis for remittances. When you call any of those companies, they will give you their real or guaranteed exchange rates which would give far lower exchange value. The rates on our website are real and guaranteed, and you should compare them only with guaranteed rates from other sources, not the indicative rates.

Individuals or businesses transferring more than £10,000 in a single transaction should call us for a quote as we can offer better rates than those published on our websites.


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